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09/29/1999 N. VA. Districts Process for Submitting, Controverting, and Challenging Injury Claims Audit Reports HC-AR-99-001 Human Resources
09/29/1999 Allegation of a Physical Assault on an Employee in a Southeast Area Carrier Unit Audit Reports LM-MA-99-010 Human Resources
09/27/1999 Momentos & Other Items Provided at Conferences Audit Reports FR-MA-99-003 Finance
09/27/1999 Allegation of a Threat to Physically Assault an Employee at a Southwest Area P.O. Audit Reports LM-LA-99-001 Human Resources
09/27/1999 Allegation of a Hostile Working Environment at a Midwest Area P.O. Audit Reports LM-LA-99-002 Human Resources
09/27/1999 Allegation Plant Manager Western Area Jeopardized the Safety of USPS Employees and the Public Audit Reports LM-LA-99-003 Human Resources
09/27/1999 Review of Periodicals in the Atlanta District Audit Reports AC-MA-99-002 Delivery / Mail Processing
09/24/1999 Priority Mail Processing Center Audit Reports DA-AR-99-001 Delivery / Mail Processing
09/23/1999 Savings in Rail Detention Costs Audit Reports TR-AR-99-001 Cost & Pricing
09/21/1999 Classification of Inspection Performing Audits Audit Reports OV-AR-99-001 Security
09/21/1999 Review of International Travel Process Audit Reports RG-MA-99-007 International Services
09/20/1999 Audit of the USPS Welcome Kit Program Audit Reports DS-AR-99-002 Human Resources
09/20/1999 Y2K Status on Postal Service Y2K Readiness Audit Reports IS-AR-99-002 Strategy & Investments
09/20/1999 Bank Secrecy Act System Update Audit Reports FR-AR-99-007 Finance
09/20/1999 Review of the USPS Equipment Preventive Maintenance Program Audit Reports AC-MA-99-001 Strategy & Investments


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