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09/27/2001 National Refrigerant Management Plan Audit Reports FA-AR-01-002 Cost & Pricing
09/27/2001 Interim Audit Results of Security Risks Associated with the FedEx Transportation Agreement (#3) Audit Reports TR-MA-01-003 Security
09/20/2001 Statement Before the Subcommittee on International Security, Proliferation and Federal Services Congressional Testimonies Strategy & Investments
09/17/2001 Authorization of Funds for Construction Projects Audit Reports FA-AR-01-001 Cost & Pricing
09/07/2001 Video Report - Air Carrier Reliability Audit Reports TR-VR-01-001 Transportation / Vehicles
09/06/2001 Supplier Diversity Program for Supplies, Services, and Equipment Purchases Audit Reports CA-AR-01-005 Contracting
08/23/2001 National Capping Report on the Postal Service Violence Prevention and Response Programs Audit Reports LB-AR-01-020 Human Resources
08/14/2001 Consulting and Audit ServicesContracts Audit Reports CA-AR-01-004 Contracting
08/08/2001 Interim Audit Results on FedEX Transportation Agreement Audit Reports TR-MA-01-002 Contracting
08/02/2001 Air Carrier Reliability Audit Reports TR-AR-01-005 Transportation / Vehicles
07/25/2001 Bulk Fuel Purchase Plan Audit Reports TR-AR-01-004 Cost & Pricing
07/18/2001 Review of the Effectiveness of the Employee Program in Central Florida District Audit Reports LC-MA-01-001 Human Resources
07/10/2001 Assessment of Management Oversight of Administrative Leave Used in Los Angeles and San Diego Audit Reports LC-AR-01-008 Human Resources
06/26/2001 Interim Audit Results of FedEX Transportation Agreement Audit Reports TR-LA-01-001 Contracting
06/07/2001 Management Practices in the Alaska District Audit Reports LB-AR-01-019 Human Resources


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