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03/31/2000 Spring 2000 Semiannual Reports to Congress
03/31/2000 Contract Audit Practices Audit Reports CA-MA-00-001 Contracting
04/03/2000 Charlottesville Carrier Annex Audit Reports FA-MA-00-004 Finance
04/10/2000 Corporate Call Management Program - Customer Satisfaction Audit Reports DA-MA-00-001 Customer Service
04/28/2000 Transmittal of Audit Report - Preventive Maintenance of Mail Processing Equipment at Processing and Dsitribution Centers Audit Reports AC-AR-00-001 Delivery / Mail Processing
05/02/2000 Relocation Benefits for Postal Service Officers - Revised Audit Reports FR-FA-00-010(R) Human Resources
05/11/2000 Highway Transportation Contracts Audit Reports BI-MA-00-001 Contracting
05/17/2000 United States Postal Service Warranty Repair of Tractors Audit Reports CA-AR-00-001 Transportation / Vehicles
05/30/2000 Postal Service Dallas District Plan for Retail Operations Performance Audit Reports MK-LA-00-001 Retail, Sales & Marketing
05/31/2000 Adequacy of Security Controls for the Audit Tracking System Audit Reports IS-LA-00-001(R) Security
06/08/2000 Review of Selected Billing Practices of a Postal Service Telecommunications Contractor Audit Reports FA-MA-00-005 Contracting
06/15/2000 Disposal of Chicago Post Office Audit Reports FA-LA-00-002 Facilities
06/19/2000 Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee Audit Reports MK-MA-00-001 Retail, Sales & Marketing
06/22/2000 Responsiveness to Congressional Inquiries in Spokane District Audit Reports LR-LA-00-003 Human Resources
06/30/2000 Postal Ratemaking Process Audit Reports MK-LA-00-002 Retail, Sales & Marketing


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