Job Number: 
GS-14 Equivalent (Specialist Band)
Arlington, VA
Closing Date: 
Monday, May 30, 2022
Brief Description: 

We offer the opportunity to drive value to the organization by designing, developing, and adapting mathematical, statistical, econometric, and other analytical solutions to the Office of Audit. The OIG relies heavily on Audit's statisticians to make informed decisions, provide insights, and help teams within the Office of Audit and the OIG conduct their work effectively and efficiently. The successful candidate would provide direction and support in the Office of Audit in statistical sampling and analysis and coordination with other components within the organization. Based on your level, you will be expected to progressively perform the following tasks:

  • Apply a variety of statistical techniques such as logistic regression, and generalized risk models, analysis of frequency distributions; analysis and modeling of multivariate; sampling; analysis of variance; determining confidence limits; and estimating magnitudes to laboratory and/or clinical data.
  • Develop and maintain statistical analysis programs for databases.
  • Serve as a technical expert with respect to all phases of statistical interpretation.
  • Provide technical advice to peers and senior managers within and outside of the organization on statistical methods and techniques. Prepare comprehensive reports of study results to include discussion of substantive research objectives.
  • Assess the adequacy and quality of data used in the analysis. Prepare an explanation of the methodologies, results, and relevance of issues and problems under study.
  • Identify specific statistical research areas that merit investigation, develop new hypotheses and approaches for studies and evaluate the feasibility of such endeavors.
  • Initiate, formulate, plan, execute and control statistical studies, which are designed for the purpose of identifying, analyzing, and reporting on energy-related issues.
  • Develop sound statistical approaches that assist in the efficient accomplishment of Office of Audit and OIG project goals.
  • Contribute to the successful use of sampling and data analysis by project teams by providing effective technical guidance.
  • Ensure that findings and recommendations that result from statistical methods are prepared in accordance with OIG policy and GAGAS and are adequately presented, projected, and supported.
  • Provide expert level advice and technical guidance when reviewing audit products.