Job Number: 
GS-14 Equivalent (Management Band)
Arlington, VA; Pittsburgh, PA; Raleigh, NC
Closing Date: 
Sunday, August 14, 2022
Brief Description: 

The USPS OIG is seeking a highly qualified applicant to fill our Audit Manager (Operations Management) position in the Office of Audit's Cybersecurity & Technology and Network Processing Directorates located in Arlington, Virginia, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Raleigh, North Carolina. Bring your skills and voice to our team! The Cybersecurity & Information Technology Directorate helps reduce the risk of fraud, inappropriate disclosure of sensitive data, unauthorized disclosure of customer information, cost overruns and inefficiencies of systems, IT contract and regulatory noncompliance, and disruption of critical operations and services. The directorate assesses whether Postal Service information resources provide the highest level of security, reliability, and value expected by Postal Service customers.The Network Processing Directorate's mission to process mail in an efficient, low cost manner while processing this mail as expeditiously as possible in order to meet or beat service standards. This mission is accomplished through the use of state of the art automated and mechanized equipment that will allow mail, to the fullest extent possible, be sorted in delivery point sequence. Our audit work focuses on answering the Office of Audit's "Really Big Questions" regarding cost and service. Network Processing has taken the really big questions and broken them down into manageable, definable issues on economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and service as it relates to the existing network. Network Processing conducts risk assessments and uses risk modeling to identify those plants and districts at risk.