The OIG makes recommendations to the United States Postal Service to correct deficiencies and encourage improvements in the safety, economy, efficiency, and management of the Department’s programs and operation.

Our report findings and conclusions explain the basis for the specific corrective actions we recommend. This Recommendation Dashboard provides more information than ever before about the current status of OIG recommendations, which we plan to update on a weekly basis.

*The Open Recommendations Financial Value does not include amounts that were not publicly released due to concerns about information protected under the Freedom of Information Act.*

Fiscal Year Report Title Issue Date Report Number Financial Value Status Recommendation Management Responsesort ascending
2023 Capping Report - Efficiency of Selected Processes - Select Units, Virginia District 10/28/2022 22-141-R23 $26,152 Open R - 8-- Direct management at Bon Air Branch and Southside Station to maintain appropriate documentation to demonstrate actions taken to research and resolve financial differences expensed to the unit including bank deposits differences and employee items. Agree
2022 Efficiency of Processing Operations and Service Performance in Western Maryland 08/29/2022 22-111-R22 $0 Open R - 1-- Conduct a study to determine if moving mail processing operations for 3-digit ZIP Codes beginning with 215 and 267 from the Baltimore Processing & Distribution Center to other processing facilities would be more efficient and effective, and provide better service performance. Agree
2021 Noncompetitive Contracts 09/09/2021 21-019-R21 $0 Open R - 5-- Update Management Instruction SPS2-2015,1, Noncompetitive Purchases, to provide more specific guidance to assist internal business partners in completing and fully supporting documentation submitted to the contracting officer Agree
2023 Capping Report - Efficiency of Selected Processes - Select Units, Virginia District 10/28/2022 22-141-R23 $0 Open R - 5-- Direct unit management at Bon Air Branch to perform duplicate key examinations and update PS Forms 3977, Duplicate Key, Combination and Password Envelopes, as appropriate. Agree
2022 Mail Delivery, Customer Service, and Property Conditions Review – Select Units, St. Louis, MO Region 08/31/2022 22-115-R22 $0 Open R - 2-- Develop and execute a plan to ensure that management at the Maryville Gardens Station systematically follows up on proposed administrative actions. Agree
2021 1-800-ASK-USPS:The Postal Service's Interactive Voice Response System 09/21/2021 RISC-WP-21-010 $0 Open R1 – Enhance current Interactive Voice Response system performance metrics by including metrics for the rate of complete, contained calls and the rate of incomplete, abandoned calls. Agree
2023 Management Alert - Voyager Fleet Card Program - Internal Controls Issues 10/07/2022 22-006-1-R23 $0 Open R - 4-- We recommend the Vice President, Controller, in coordination with the Vice President, Delivery Operations, enhance controls in Fleet Commander Online to prevent prohibit zeros from being entered as employee identification numbers and disallow site managers from certifying semiannual reviews of personal identification numbers with employee identification numbers that are blanks or all zeros. Agree
2022 Management of Suppliers' Contractual Performance 08/17/2022 21-261-R22 $0 Open R - 1-- Revise the Supplying Principles and Practices to require contracting professionals to confirm the supplier’s eligibility for award by including specific written confirmation of award eligibility, or screenshot evidence of a webpage search from the System for Award Management and the USPS Decline to Accept or Consider Proposals list in the contract files for all purchases. Agree
2022 Next Generation Delivery Vehicles - Contract Clauses 01/12/2022 21-215-R22 $0 Open R - 2-- Provide and validate that posters advertising the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General Hotline are displayed at the Next Generation Delivery Vehicle supplier facilities through a mutual agreement contract modification. Agree
2023 Capping Report - Efficiency of Selected Processes - Select Units, Virginia District 10/28/2022 22-141-R23 $0 Open R - 3-- Improve the current bank deposit storing process followed at the Bon Air Branch. Agree


This Recommendation Dashboard provides information on recommendations that the Postal Service can address without external party action. To view closed recommendations, click here. Also, click here to see recommendations that may require additional action by external parties.

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