In a world increasingly driven by digitized information, the ability to harness data for business objectives becomes almost a requirement to keep operations moving efficiently. That’s a big reason why the U.S. Postal Service started deploying the Informed Visibility (IV) system six years ago. By centralizing information from numerous USPS data systems and a variety of mail processing equipment, IV provides Postal Service management with near-real-time visibility into the movement of mail through the postal network.

As a result, managers at processing facilities know when mail will arrive, allowing more efficient scheduling of employees and machines. In our latest white paper, we confirmed that Informed Visibility has led to a decrease in processing workhours. Managers also told us about opportunities to improve the use of IV and achieve greater operational efficiencies.

However, we found the Postal Service doesn’t periodically request feedback from IV users, such as plant managers, in the field. Without that information, the Postal Service may be unaware of potentially needed improvements that could yield even more benefits. That’s why we recommended USPS should periodically solicit users for feedback and evaluate it for possible improvements to the IV system.

If you’re a postal worker familiar with IV, what’s been your experience with it? What improvements do you think should be considered?

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  • anon

    Informed delivery is great. I sent a package from California to Illinois and was able to track it as it bounced back and forth from the los angeles distribution center to an illinois distribution center and finally ended up in the dead mail center. I even received notice that it was there! However they could not locate it to send it back to me. I had assumed the label was somehow destroyed and the delivery address illegible from the time and light sensitive thermal print and paper. (after a month of bouncing) Apparently they knew who sent it as they contacted me and told me it was there, but somehow couldn't locate it after that. At least I knew where it ended up and didn't have to bother chasing down porch thieves or the like. I wasn't upset- It happens and for the most part it doesn't happen often (1 out of 1000's I've sent) so I'm thankful for that. I actually started looking on this site for something concerning the plus four zip that was implemented, and if there is an article such as the above where I can post an different inquiry/comment regarding plus four zip as I don' t believe it falls under informed delivery. But my comment concerning informed delivery is sincere and based on actual events.

    Oct 13, 2021
  • anon

    I would like to thank Laurie Capp (Lead Clerk - Gainesville GA) for going beyond the call of duty to assist me in getting my package to me. I was in a desperate situation and required my package that contained my travel documents. Laurie took it upon herself to make sure I got my package the following delay which meant I could fly back home. Else I had to wait a few more days before my package would arrive delaying my travel back home even longer. Thank you Laurie.

    Oct 02, 2021
  • anon

    I am a nonprofit. If the content of my packages is being destroyed due to negligence on behalf of the USPS it is causing us money to replace these items.

    Oct 02, 2021

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