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Vehicle Parts Inventory Management - Pacific Area

Audit Report - DR-AR-13-003 - 04/12/2013

Postal Service Product Costing Methodologies

Audit Report - MS-MA-13-002 - 04/11/2013

Supervisor Workhours and Span of Control

Audit Report - NO-MA-13-005 - 04/04/2013

Primer on Postal Challenges

White Papers - 04032013 - 04/03/2013

The Untold Story of the ZIP Code

White Papers - RARC-WP-13-006 - 04/01/2013

Spring 2013

Semiannual Report to Congress - 03/31/2013

The U.S. Postal Service faces significant financial, strategic, and operational challenges. As it presses for comprehensive reform legislation, the Postal Service continues to look for ways to reinvent its business model and adapt to technology. Despite the challenges, the Postal Service remains committed to its goals of improving service, generating income, improving its workforce and the workplace, and corporate responsibility. In its just-released Semiannual Report to Congress, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) highlights work that addresses the Postal Service’s goals and helps to ensure the integrity of postal processes and finances.

Postal Service Performance During the Fiscal Year 2013 Fall Mailing Season

Audit Report - NO-AR-13-002 - 03/29/2013