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State of Information Technology Within the Postal Service

Audit Report - IS-MA-07-001 - 08/06/2007

Mail Processing at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Processing and Distribution Center

Audit Report - NO-AR-07-007 - 08/06/2007

Management Operating Data System

Audit Report - MS-AR-07-003 - 08/06/2007

Commodity Sourcing Activities Within the Automation Cateogry Management Center

Audit Report - CA-MA-07-005 - 08/02/2007

Great Lakes Facilities Service Office Use of the Parsons Indefinite Quantity Contract

Audit Report - CA-MA-07-004 - 07/31/2007

Infrastructure and Realignment of the U.S. Postal Service

Congressional Testimony - 07/26/2007

Oral Statement On Contracting Out of Services by the USPS

Congressional Testimony - 07/19/2007