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Air Carrier Reliability

Audit Report - TR-AR-01-005 - 08/02/2001

Bulk Fuel Purchase Plan

Audit Report - TR-AR-01-004 - 07/25/2001

Review of the Effectiveness of the Employee Program in Central Florida District

Audit Report - LC-MA-01-001 - 07/18/2001

Assessment of Management Oversight of Administrative Leave Used in Los Angeles and San Diego

Audit Report - LC-AR-01-008 - 07/10/2001

Interim Audit Results of FedEX Transportation Agreement

Audit Report - TR-LA-01-001 - 06/26/2001

Management Practices in the Alaska District

Audit Report - LB-AR-01-019 - 06/07/2001

Statement Before the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs

Congressional Testimony - 05/15/2001