This is a United States Government computer system. Use of this system is authorized only in accordance with Postal Service policies. Unauthorized access is prohibited. *** YOU HAVE NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY USING THIS SYSTEM *** In order to ensure compliance with applicable federal law and Postal Service policies, all uses of this system, and all data contained or transferred through this system may be monitored, read, captured, recorded or copied in any manner and disclosed in any manner, by authorized personnel. There is no right to privacy on this system. System personnel may give to law enforcement personnel any potential evidence of a crime found on this system. Use of this system by any user, authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to this monitoring, interception, recording, reading, capturing, copying and disclosure. All communications are to be in accordance with official Postal Service policies and regulations. Non-compliance with any of these conditions is grounds for disciplinary action up to and including removal or termination, as well as criminal prosecution. Report instances of suspected misuse to your Director or to the systems administrator.

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