In the face of competing technologies, such as the telegraph, telephone, and computers, the U.S. Postal Service‘s mission to bind the nation together has remained largely unchanged. Likewise, the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) commitment to integrity, accountability, and transparency remains steady, even as the tools we use to achieve our goals continually evolve.

In its just-released Semiannual Report to Congress, the OIG features key audit and investigative work, as well as special reports and white papers. During the 6-month reporting period of April 1 through September 30, 2013, the OIG issued 114 reports, including audit reports and management advisories, which resulted in about $13.5 billion in monetary impact. The OIG also safeguards the Postal Service’s revenue and assets and helps deter postal crime. During this period, we conducted 2.143 investigations that led to 332 arrests and nearly $80 million in fines, restitutions, and recoveries, of which $74 million went to the Postal Service.

In addition, the OIG has deployed tools such as data analytics and modeling that have enhanced our work. We are collaborating with the Postal Service to model data across program areas for more timely, relevant, and actionable products to pursue risks and work the best cases in a shorter period of time.

The OIG will continue to play a key role in maintaining the integrity and accountability of America’s Postal Service, its revenue and assets, and its employees through our audit and investigative work.

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