Be careful what you post on your Facebook page! A city letter carrier who had been out of work for approximately six years due to alleged lower back injuries, and who was receiving workers’ compensation payments, posted comments on his social media site regarding his prowess in wrestling.

In December 2012, OIG special agents conducted numerous video surveillances of the carrier engaging in activities inconsistent with his disability status. Activities included driving long distances, boxing at a martial arts gym, performing errands, taking out the trash, and being outside his residence for extended periods of time.

Agents interviewed the carrier’s treating physician and showed him video of the carrier’s activities. The physician stated that the carrier could return to work in full-duty status with no restrictions.

The carrier returned to work on April 1, 2013, and was interviewed by OIG special agents. He admitted to workers’ compensation fraud and seven days later resigned from the Postal Service.

A cost avoidance in the amount of $1,826,014 was claimed as the result of the investigation. The case was declined for federal prosecution.