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What is your complaint about?
What is your complaint about?
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Please provide the tracking number if you have it
Can the missing item be traced? If the missing item is a gift card, credit card, or debit card please provide all retailer information and information on the card usage, if any. If the missing item is a check, please provide all information regarding usage, if any.
(such as inside post office, collection box, apartment cluster box, office mail room, etc.)? Was it mailed over the counter? Do you have a receipt? Did you declare what the items were enclosed in the mail when you mailed it over the counter?
including any markings/stamps applied during transit. (If possible, please save packaging for possible collection by OIG investigators). If the mail piece was received, please provide the date. Have you discussed this with your letter carrier or any Postal personnel? Be advised, discussing this with anyone other than an OIG investigator may limit our ability to conduct a thorough investigation.
Are you aware of the medical restrictions placed on the subject? Have you witnessed the subject engage in activities which were inconsistent with medical restrictions or their stated physical limitations?
What are the usual times and places of these activities?
Are you aware of any travel by the subject: Does the subject have a second home or a vacation home? Are you in frequent contact with the subject?
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