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Users querying the Investigative Indices Search for information on individual persons or entities represent and affirm that the user’s query is related to an active investigation based upon a reasonable belief that a violation of federal or state law has occurred. Your registration will be revoked, your agency contacted and criminal, civil and administrative penalties will be sought if you:

  1. Run queries on individuals or entities without an open case on that subject;
  2. Violate the Investigative Indices Search Conditions of Use & Terms of Service;
  3. Share your Investigative Indices Search account or share information derived from the search without OIG authorization; or
  4. Willfully violate the Privacy Act.

This service is open to current law enforcement agents exclusively. Any attempt to access the Investigative Indices Search by former or non-law enforcement personnel will be considered unauthorized access of a protected computer in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1030 in addition to other potential criminal, civil and administrative statutes.