About Service Performance

The Postal Service’s ability to provide acceptable service is an ongoing concern across the United States. The Office of Inspector General reviews service performance and makes recommendations on where and how the Postal Service can improve. Our work encompasses nationwide performance, as well as specific areas of particular concern. It is critical that service performance be properly tracked, measured and reported transparently. To that end, we will continue to update this page with our most recent service reports and data to track the Postal Service’s progress in this area.   

OIG Reports

Open Service Performance Projects

Project Title Project Number Start Date
Review of the Change of Address Systems and Availability 21-146 05/24/2021
Mail Conditions at the West Valley, AZ Processing and Distribution Center 21-166 05/24/2021
Mail Delivery and Customer Service Operations - Newark Post Office, Newark, DE 21-177 05/19/2021
Mail Conditions at the Denver, CO, Processing and Distribution Center 21-151 05/10/2021
Unscheduled Leave - Absence Without Leave (AWOL) Status 21-140 05/03/2021
Trips Operating More Than Four Hours Late 21-116 04/20/2021
Mail Delivery and Customer Service Operations - Carrier Sections, Cleveland, OH 21-147 04/14/2021
Manual Mail Processing Efficiency 21-131 03/23/2021
Nationwide Service Performance 21-120 03/11/2021
A Primer on Service Standards 2021RISC005 02/26/2021
Embargoes at US Postal Service Processing Facilities 21-112 02/25/2021
Seamless Acceptance Processes and Methodologies 21-098 02/18/2021
Shipping Service Contract Compliance 20-315 01/26/2021
Service Performance - Calendar Year 2020 21-047 12/17/2020
Vehicle Parts Contract Pricing 21-020 12/09/2020
As Needed Highway Contract Routes 21-022 11/30/2020
Peak Season Hiring 20-316 10/22/2020
Contract Payment Process 20-281 09/03/2020

Having a Problem with USPS Mail Delivery?

If you are having problems with day-to-day mail delivery and other USPS customer service related issues you may file a complaint online.

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