• Project Title:
  • Business Application Review of the HERO System
  • Start Date:
  • Monday, October 21, 2019
  • Estimated Report Release Date:
  • June 2020

In 2017, the Postal Service implemented a new integrated Human Resources (HR) system, HERO, to evolve HR activities and align processes across the employee lifecycle. HERO provides a centralized and comprehensive HR system that helps to ensure efficiency, reporting analysis, and mobility. Information from both external and internal USPS sources can be centralized into one action-oriented workspace and accessed through a mobile device, online, or in the office to simplify hiring, training, and other HR related tasks. HERO, along with business process modifications, will help to drive operational results and improve the overall employee HR experience.

The OIG would like to hear about your experience with the HERO system in meeting your training and benefits needs as an employee or in meeting your hiring and administrative needs as an HR professional or supervisor.

  • What impact has HERO had on how you view and access your HR data?
  • How often do you use HERO, for what purpose, and what types of HR data do you most frequently need?
  • How has HERO helped to improve your employee HR experience?
  • What suggestions do you have to improve HERO and what it can do for you?


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  • anon

    I work in maintenance (ET-10). Compared to the old system this system is useless. There is no way to search for maintenance classes at NCED for our continuing education. I emailed them and asked the proper procedure to access maintenance courses and was informed that we are no longer allowed to do this. So as you can see it is of no use to maintenance employees. If that was your aim, congratulations, you succeeded. It seems to be geared exclusively for management now. Some of in maintenance would also like continuing education for our careers and this is nothing but an impediment.

    Feb 18, 2020
  • anon

    I can learn from my home computer. It was great. I applied what I learn to the workplace. Management at Portland District promote friends, relative, wife, and girlfriends. They gave the wrong direction since they did not work at the bottom of the front line. It was a waste of money to have them.

    Feb 06, 2020
  • anon

    My only issue is that nothing we search for is there, hopefully they get it fixed.

    Feb 04, 2020
  • anon

    For me the hero system was an improvement over the LMS before it but they have restricted the ability to see class availability now and it makes it useless. When the system first came out we could see available non system schools at Nced available. This made it easier for us to find classes and get trained even though we still couldn’t find system classes. The system has been changed. We now do not have access to see anything about the classes availability or even prerequisite to take the class. In case you have never been in the situation, it really sucks being an ET and not having even the basic maintenance courses for the majority of the machines you are expected to work on daily. We do have access to the online schematics on MTSC but they do not include the helpful flowcharts, diagrams and notes that the class room material has. If they are going to make it harder for us to find classes they could at least provide us with pdf files of the class material for us to print out at the plant. On the non maintenance specific side setting up a profile was easy. It is nice that there are self improvement classes available off the clock but that can’t really make up for not having more job specific training. One last more generalized gripe, none of the “apps” the post office have are ever actual apps they are always just web links. It would be nice to have a lite blue app for iPhone and Android to open hero/ leave request/ pay stubs instead of everything just being in a browser.

    Feb 04, 2020
  • anon

    It is unfortunate that we can no longer search for, request, and take relevant training. I was told that if training were needed, a manager would determine the appropriate training and assign it to me. There were many relevant topics that were searchable in the past, from requestable instructor-led classes to self-study equipment or process specific classes. I guess if I want to learn proper capitalization or microsoft office, the new system works. If I want to request an instructor-led class or complete a technical self-study curriculum that allows me to be more efficient at my job, it fails miserably. There is a great self-study curriculum that I completed (before visibility to classes and curriculum was lost) on mailflow and how the mailpieces flow through the processing machines, but no one can see it now. We are no longer able to decide what development might be best for us, it is decided for us, by people who don't even know the extent of the classes available.

    Feb 01, 2020
  • anon

    I’m a mailhandler and know nothing about “HERO.” But I can say something about “feeling empowered:” Today, Jan. 1,2020, we had a “service talk” (don’t let those words mislead you) which consisted of one page on the importance of windshield wipers being read to us aloud. Yes management treats employees as they would small children who can only dream of the day they’ll be able to take their first driver’s test. PEN has announced management’s 5-year plan, it includes “employee empowerment.” When will management at the facility level get a copy of the plan? More importantly, when is the plan scheduled to begin implementation?

    Jan 31, 2020
  • anon

    Sent an express envelope January 26, 2020... it’s Been in the San Francisco & San Diego distribution facilities for 5 days now and two days in a Florida facility. Calling any local post office is beyond comical, sad and a waste of time. No answers, uniformed customer service agents and no resolution... that’s if you can even get someone on the phone. I’m sorry, but the Usps is one of the worst government entities there are. They answer, nor are they held accountable for being inept. Terrible.

    Jan 30, 2020
  • anon

    I recently utilized the feature (bored). It would be more useful if it offered a way to get training in order to move into other positions in the postal service. For example, if a carrier wanted to become involved in information technology they could train for the actual position in the postal service utilizing simulations relevant to the infrastructure of the post office. This is clearly not a gateway to developing anything. I can tell by the lack of responses here that no one is really looking at the HERO feature. I got on it just to look at the resumes' of some of the employees that are in management positions over me. Sad! You can see the nepotism. Just Saying!

    Jan 24, 2020
  • anon

    HERO system is horrible. Most of the training for Maintenance Craft is missing. LMS had everything and allowed an employee to request training (that Management never scheduled.)

    Jan 23, 2020
  • anon

    *** What impact has HERO had on how you view and access your HR data? -It made a profile system which seems pretty meaningless ultimately. The interests/skills metadata tags/ratings don't seem to produce any sort of interest. I filled out my profile early on spending quite a bit of time on it actually. I never heard from anyone at any point feedback on my HERO profile. Most profiles I've seen remain blank beyond the automatically populated data from training records/ecareer position information. *** How often do you use HERO, for what purpose, and what types of HR data do you most frequently need? -Every couple weeks or so overall I'd guess. Aside from required training intervals I occasionally signup for other courses or browse HERO profiles. Perhaps there were issues of porting some of the training courses from LMS but courses are needlessly duplicated in some areas where it takes a bit more patience to find the correct course to signup for. *** How has HERO helped to improve your employee HR experience? -I'd say from my experience overall it got worse versus LMS. I think HERO has more potential but the way the account authorizations are assigned if you oversee employees that you need to assign to courses it got substantially more complicated than the old system of assigning people (has nothing to do with finding the courses either, but rather who is allowed to 'assign' employees to training that they need) *** What suggestions do you have to improve HERO... -Most of the issues I'd hazard to guess have to do with porting the data from LMS. The account authorizations for assigning/requesting still make little sense and one will just hit an administrative wall if they bother to ask any questions (figure it out for yourself or it won't happen). *** ...and what it can do for you? If this is about the selling points that it offers some form of empowerment/engagement/career development then I think it is a wasted investment frankly. There isn't any indicator so far that time spent creating/updating a profile has any meaningful benefit or is even looked at. Majority of the courses were just ported over from LMS and are typically quite terrible (on top of being severely dated in many topics). Don't see the point of a career conversation as it seems HERO doesn't offer the depth and quality of training that would realistically allow for a meaningful career advancement/training. Although the following doesn't fit with the criteria/topic of HERO specifically it does have to do with the general intention of what a system such as HERO is intended to provide I believe. It is quite sad just how terrible the training has become for maintenance personnel at NCED. It is near impossible to get people the required prerequisite training (due to lack of seats/availability), instead only getting seats to courses which require the prerequisites so people go years without getting basic 'entry level' courses at NCED such as IES. Also for another example, the resident safety courses which would be a significant amount of hours that used to be done hands on at NCED are now done only remotely via VLR. Some of these courses include 'performing safety and health inspections'. Does anyone really think it is a good idea to give a course for performing safety and health inspections remotely over a telephone/screen share? The reason I mention these is that the organization pays for requiring mid level EAS employees to go to courses such as MEFL yet for some reason won't fund courses that allow for important technical development which will (IMO) likely result in more tangible benefits than a mandated fluff course about 'leadership'. When an organization is forcing these kinds of decisions upon its employees then it is making a statement about what it values more than any potential development a program like HERO could provide.

    Jan 18, 2020