The Minuet Carrier Annex is in the Mid-Carolinas District of the Capital Metro Area. City delivery for the Minuet Carrier Annex serves Zip Codes 28209 and 28210 and has a total of 62 routes (60 regular city carrier routes and two auxiliary routes) delivered by 86 carriers (69 full-time regular city carriers and 17 city carrier assistants). The Minuet Carrier Annex also has 17 clerks who perform retail and customer service functions. We selected the Minuet Carrier Annex based on our analysis of carriers returning after 6:00 p.m. data from the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). The objective of this audit was to assess mail delivery service at the Minuet Carrier Annex.

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  • anon

    Every blessed audit on mail delivery issues state that late arriving product is a major cause. They all say IOP's must be updated to reflect better what reality is.... You NEVER ask the most important question.....WHY IS THE MAIL LATE... Your first recommendation is a complete audit of the forwarding plant's operations... The problem is there, not at delivery... is even farther up the line... 99% of the time perceived "problems" at delivery are problems up stream which have to be dealt with on the fly at delivery.... Do delivery a favor and started getting to the real problems then delivery can get along doing their jobs instead of using hours covering for failures above them..

    Oct 27, 2019