Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
08/25/2014 Management Alert – Missing Leased Trailers in the Northeast Area Audit Reports NO-MA-14-004
09/12/2014 Efficiency Review of the Cincinnati,OH, Network Distribution Center – Operations and Transportation Audit Reports NO-AR-14-011
09/29/2014 Suitability of Rail Transportation – New Jersey Network Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-AR-14-013
02/10/2015 Management Alert – Suspension or Delay of Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance Audit Reports DR-MA-15-001
04/28/2015 Vehicle Maintenance Facility Efficiency Nationwide – Capping Report Audit Reports DR-AR-15-006
05/22/2015 Internal Controls and Transportation Associated with the Dallas, TX Mail Transport Equipment Service Center Audit Reports NO-AR-15-005
07/22/2015 Highway Contract Routes-Extra Trips in the Greater South Carolina District Audit Reports NO-AR-15-008
08/05/2015 Use of Leased Fleet Trailers – Northeast Area Audit Reports NO-AR-15-009
08/18/2015 Management Advisory - Benchmarking of Delivery Fleet Replacement Strategies Audit Reports DR-MA-15-002
09/01/2015 Management Alert - Leased Trailer Damage Payments Audit Reports NO-MA-15-005
09/18/2015 Management Advisory Report - Solution for Enterprise Asset Management System – Vehicle Maintenance Facility Data Audit Reports DR-MA-15-004
09/28/2015 Use of Leased Trailers - Western Area Audit Reports NO-AR-15-010
10/06/2015 Highway Contract Routes – Extra Trips in the San Francisco District Audit Reports NO-AR-16-002
10/22/2015 Fleet Credit Card Controls in the Capital Metro Area Audit Reports DR-AR-16-001
11/19/2015 Mail Transport Equipment Service Centers – Nationwide Assessment Audit Reports NO-AR-16-004
05/24/2016 Vehicle Shuttling-Northeast Region Audit Reports DR-AR-16-004
05/25/2016 Postal Service Process for Handling Customs Duties and Fees Audit Reports NL-AR-16-002
09/28/2016 Highway Contract Route Survey Compliance – Eastern Transportation Category Management Team Audit Reports NL-AR-16-005
09/30/2016 Management and Oversight of Highway Contract Routes Audit Reports NL-AR-16-006
09/30/2016 Trailer Lease Reduction Projects Audit Reports NL-AR-16-007


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