Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
04/07/2011 FY 2010 Financial Statements Audit - San Mateo Information Technology and Accounting Service Center Audit Reports FT-AR-11-008
04/08/2011 Postal Service Patent Management Continuation Audit Reports DA-MA-11-002
05/19/2011 FY 2010 Sarbanes-Oxley Testing for Selected Business Processes Audit Reports FT-MA-11-003
06/21/2011 Purchasing Compliance and Imprudent Purchases Follow-Up Audit Audit Reports FF-AR-11-010
07/11/2011 District Practices Affecting Financial Risk Audit Reports FF-MA-11-116
07/12/2011 Leveraging Assets to Address Financial Obligations Audit Reports FF-MA-11-118
07/27/2011 Financial Controls Over Passport Applications Audit Reports FF-AR-11-011
07/29/2011 Stamp Distribution Procedures Audit Reports FF-AR-11-012
08/18/2011 Postal Service Five-Year Financial Plan Audit Reports FT-MA-11-004
08/30/2011 Postal Service Refunds Audit Reports FF-AR-11-013
08/30/2011 Intelligent Mail Realizing Revenue Assurance Benefits Audit Reports DA-AR-11-010
09/23/2011 Officer Compensation for Calendar Year 2010 Audit Reports FT-AR-11-011
09/23/2011 Government Relations Operations Audit Reports FF-AR-11-014
09/29/2011 Statistical Tests for Fiscal Year 2011 Audit Reports FF-MA-11-168
09/29/2011 Office of Personnel Management Attestation Report Audit Reports FT-AR-11-012
09/30/2011 Unemployment Compensation Audit Reports FT-MA-11-005
09/30/2011 Strategic Approaches to Revenue Protection Audit Reports MS-AR-11-007
09/30/2011 Caribbean District Financial Risk Audit Reports FF-AR-11-017
10/06/2011 Postal Service Revenue: Structure, Facts, and Future Possibilities White Papers RARC-WP-12-002
10/06/2011 Postal Service Revenue: Structure, Facts, and Future Possibilities Audit Reports RARC-WP-12-002


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