Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
09/27/2001 Decision Analysis Report Process Audit Reports DA-AR-01-005
10/17/2001 Shared Real Estate Appreciation Loan Program Audit Reports FT-AR-02-001
01/28/2002 Disposal of Excess Real Property Audit Reports CA-AR-02-002
05/08/2002 Southwest Area-s Efforts in Obtaining Appropriate Chargeback Credits Audit Reports LH-AR-02-003
05/09/2002 Statement Before the House Committee on Government Reform Subcommittee on Government Efficiency, Financial Management and Intergovernmental Relations Congressional Testimonies
05/31/2002 Relocation Compilation Report Audit Reports FT-AR-02-012
01/28/2003 Postal Service-s Total Factor Productivity Audit Reports AC-AR-03-001
02/14/2003 Review of Nonprofit Authorizations Audit Reports AC-AR-03-003
03/31/2003 Impact of Freezing Capital Construction Projects Audit Reports CA-MA-03-007
04/09/2004 Postal Service Funding of the Civil Service Retirement System Audit Reports FT-OT-04-002
06/18/2004 Erroneous Economic Value Added to Reserve Payments Audit Reports FT-OT-04-003
07/01/2004 Financial Opportunities of Underutilized Land Audit Reports CA-MA-04-004
08/04/2004 Fiscal Year 2003 Financial Installation Audit - Post Offices, Branches, and Stations Audit Reports FF-AR-04-247
08/12/2004 Fiscal Years 2003 and 2004 Protective Reviews Capping Report Audit Reports FT-MA-04-003
09/30/2004 Preferred Portfolio Partnering Program Audit Reports CA-AR-04-002
12/02/2004 Agreed-upon Procedures Report for Federal Intragovernmental Transactions Audit Reports FT-AR-05-001
12/08/2004 Audit Opinion on the Postal Service-s Special-Purpose Financial Statements Audit Reports FT-AR-05-002
12/20/2004 Postal Service Board of Governors- Travel and Miscellaneous Expenses for Fiscal Year 2004 Audit Reports FT-AR-05-004
01/06/2005 Imprest Fund at the Former Columbia, Maryland, Facilities Service Office Audit Reports FT-MA-05-001
01/10/2005 Fiscal Year 2004 Postal Service Financial Statements Audit - Washington, D.C., Headquarters Audit Reports FT-AR-05-006


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