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    That is b/c the intent of switching to the TL-5 version was to shorten the custodian staffing numbers -- which they did. But the way they did this was go with the bare minimum staffing at the bare minimum frequency (yes I have an office that - according to the staffing package -- does not need to have the restrooms cleaned every day. And many of the other tasks are not done on a daily basis, thus, they were able to cut the staffing. And now, health and safety are not the main concern -- neither is staffing for appropriate tasks or frequency of tasks. Now, the only thing they care about is staffing to meet their Line H obligation so they do not have to pay out a large settlement at the end of the year. "What?? Monday's work didn't get done, that's fine we will do it on Friday." Or "how about we do Wednesday's work on Saturday so I don't have to send anyone out to that office on Wednesday." Oh, and my favorite... "we have already hit the line H requirement for the week (on Wednesday) so anyone who wants to go home early just submit a 3971." Half the things you can't make up, but at the same time, can't get any one (craft employees/custodians included) to do the right or ethical thing. We are short staffed just as the rest of the USPS is... but yet some how (even though we are down 3 custodial routes -- per our supervisor, should actually be down 4 or 5 per staffing package) we are hitting Line H weekly hours though several hours of tasks are not being completed at all -- not to mention the several hours of work being completed that isn't even custodial work, yet still being recorded LDC report. I guess it really does benefit the management in offices who are "not maintenance capable" and do not have to use the eMARS recording system -- allowing them to assign work whenever and to which ever tour they want -- why even have different tours if it isn't going to be done on the correct/current tour? why even have frequency and due dates if they aren't going to be done on the correct frequency or day of the week? Heck, if all they care about is hitting that magically Line H number, I ask... why not let me come in Saturday, Sunday, and Monday working up to the 40 hr point and have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off. Really there is no difference, at least both sides of the isle would be happy (Line H met for management and a 4 day weekend for custodian). There are some offices/people who (even though are a TL-5 facility and trained) who flat refuse to use the equipment or cleaning products -- and never have. Yet claim, "they don't work". No, the things that don't "work" are the individuals. The TL-5 system isn't the problem -- the implementation, staffing, lack of leadership and follow through are the problems. Doesn't help that in many areas they have supervisors with zero custodial, maintenance or even leadership experience in charge. Their level of comprehension is about as low as their ethics and competence level.

    Aug 31, 2022
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