• anon

    My post office definitely could use some TLC. The interior is lowly lit and while the floors are clean you can tell the fixtures are dated and there is evidence of where counters were ripped out to put chairs (for an unknown reason). I would recommend that the post office look into a pay for performance contract for it's sites that have a weekly checklist of all cleaning / maintenance functions to be performed. This would then need to be signed off by either a supervisor or the postmaster of the site and submitted to a central repository for record keeping. Further there needs to be a work-order page that all employees can submit a work order, work orders for broken items should be auto-approved up to a certain dollar threshold. After that work orders would need to be reviewed by management and concurrence or non-concurrence must be followed with a strong justification. All work order items would then go to district to monitor for completion status. Finally district representatives should be making an effort to walk all the post offices in their AOR once a month. There should be a comprehensive checklist that should closely align to the cleaning/maintenance checklist and if there are discrepancies then the person signing off on that checklist would be engaged to figure out why and, if necessary, perform corrective counseling. Finally there should be a USPS wide database of post-offices and their last rennovation date. That should be used for planning/budgeting purposes to establish a normal rennovation cycle (IE: once every 5 years)

    Jun 29, 2022
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