• anon

    So guys. I keep reading this same line throughout all of these posts. The post office cant expect me to provide my own vehicle. But wait....wasnt that in the job description? DID YOU NOT READ WHAT YOU WERE SIGNING UP FOR?! Yes. You are going to spend money on your vehicle. Yup, its going to hurt. There are some of us here though, who know how to work on vehicles, and this job is for us. I dont mind changing my brakes every 5 months (idk what quality brakes you guys are buying but christ they must really suck). I run a 46 with 115 miles daily. I have been through several mail cars. Just wait. You think those vans will be nice? Yeah...wait till youre roasting at 125 degrees (no ac, they dont gaf) and the window doesnt roll down and youve got to open the door at every box? Dont believe me? Its already happening.

    Aug 07, 2022
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