• anon

    Thank you for the opportunity to share our views. I've worked for USPS as a Rural Letter Carrier, in Wisconsin, for just under 22 years, 9 of those years as an RCA (Substitute Carrier). I've driven whatever I could afford, at the time, for many years. I know what it's like. I, for one, prefer to drive my own vehicle to deliver. Unlike the USPS's antiquated LLVs, my POVs have all had, at minimum, HEAT & AIR CONDITIONING. Over the last 2 decades I've been blessed to able to continuously upgrade to newer and better.. SAFER vehicles for myself. In 2018, I purchased a brand-spanking new Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid, which I specifically chose for delivery. (This was prior to being buried in Amazon packages later that year.) In doing so, I doubled my gas mileage on route from 12 mpg (Chevy Blazer) on average, to 24.6 mpg or better. Prior to the recent exorbitant cost of fuel, the EMA I received for my 44K, 61 mile route enabled my vehicle to pay for itself- fuel, insurance, & monthly auto loan payments, and still with a couple hundred left over for tires or other maintenance needs. In four years I haven't needed to have my brakes done even once! My POV is the best career investment I've ever made. It has a rear camera, air bags, heat, A/C and all-wheel drive, just to name a few of its most prominent safety features. USPS will never care as much about our safety as we do. I know this for a fact. I don't want your LLVs, I don't want your Mercedes. I'll keep my POV, you can keep your Metris or any other vehicles that are currently being forced on Rural Carriers across the country. I find it astounding that these vehicles are making their way onto the POV routes when there are still Rural Carriers in these very same offices being required to continue to utilize the USPS-provided 20-30 year old aluminum deathtrap LLVs in order to make a living to support their families. To me, that alone, speaks VOLUMES as to where the priorities lie within the United States Postal Service. It seems they'd rather we were dead than pay us a pittance towards the maintainance of our MUCH SAFER personal vehicles we Rurals use daily in delivering the U.S. Mail. Here's a thought.. How about replacing the LLVs FIRST before they all spontaneously combust with us inside, and then, give the rest of us a choice? Alot of Carriers would welcome a USPS- Provided delivery vehicle, but not all of us. Better safe than sorry, they say. I'd rather be safe, as I feel I am now, than for USPS to be sorry later.

    Jul 29, 2022
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