• anon

    Were at a catch 22 point, I can get a new RHD Hybrid 4x4 120CF van From Japan but I can't import a van newer then 25 years old so with the 5year old we have been using 1999 RHD jeep Cherokee, (not 4wd) and a 2019 ram Promaster City van at 270 cubit foot cap to handle the large Amazon packages on our route using 3 people . I just bought a 2022 RHD jeep wangler, but it has only 72 Cubit foot cap and is set up with a large turbocharged 300hp,( gas hog), motor . it is a needed 4x4, as in the winter we get up to 2 feet of snow. I also ran the route , before we had a driver and a letter carrier in one vehicle while delivering the mail. I we could get a New RHD 4x4 hybrid or electric van imported from overseas would help. (BTW think Amazon is taking advantage of USPS, as I would deliver 4 to 10 large packages with a combined weight way over 70 lbs ( I have the only hand truck out of all letter carriers in Lewis County)

    Jul 28, 2022
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