• anon

    Ive been on pov and postal vehicle routes. The vehicle should be provided. We are expected to deliver in all weather conditions and different terrains. The vehicles provided should be able to handle such conditions. They expect people to come up with thousands of dollars for a proper vehicle and to maintain it. Also, we have to front the gas money. The EMA is not enough. How about a company card for repairs and gas. I'm sure it saves the company some money not having to pay for repairs, gas and insurance but it hinders the hiring of rural carriers. The new postal vehicles are unacceptable. Still no four wheel drive, low visibility. what about the carriers in the northern states that get snow? We NEED four wheel drive and more windows so better vision instead of little cameras that get covered with mud/snow midroute. These postal vehicles are dangerous and unreliable. This question brings up so many issues that need to be addressed. How can we retain employees? Should we expect people to stick around when we offer no benefits? No competitive pay, holiday pay, vacation. These are things that a lot of companies offer in the beginning not in 5-20 years.

    Jul 24, 2022
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