• anon

    I am a regular rural carrier my route is a 43K, my route is approximately 42 miles, Half of my route consists of dirt roads with a lot of potholes. Having to provide a vehicle is a major headache. With gas prices being so high it’s almost not equitable. I’ll never understand why the post office can’t supply vehicles for all of the routes I guess it’s a cost thing. It makes sense if you live out in the middle of nowhere to have to provide your own vehicle. I was fortunate enough to purchase a 2005 Kia Sedona from that previous carrier, I only paid 1200 bucks, however I did have to buy new tires and new shocks and struts, I have replaced a couple wheel bearings other than that it’s running strong. I would never ever spend a bunch of money for a vehicle just so I could go to work to make money it doesn’t make sense to me. I have been on this route for seven months as of right now the EMA is barely covering my costs. Luckily I will be able to bid off my route within the next couple months. Regulars are quitting due to the lack of staff and having to work six days a week. Hi I’ve been working six days a week for over three years and I am totally burned out. I became a regular carrier in January and I was hoping that I would be able to take some time off well that’s not gonna happen anytime soon we have three subs to cover 28 routes it’s a train wreck. I’ve decided to hold on for another year, I know it sounds crazy but I worked so hard to become a regular I can’t just throw in the towel because it’s a little rough right now. Conditions don’t improve and I mean staffing levels I will be seeking a job elsewhere.

    Jul 24, 2022
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