• anon

    I have a POV route 61 miles down dirt roads! I bought a new RH drive 2 years ago! Long story short You give us GAS MONEY, NOTHING ELSE! Even with a new car no miles when I got it, this is my break down, Brakes front and back every 4 months $1200 X 3 $3600 Not calipers that's extra 3 sets of tires a year, $700, $700, snow tires $ 900 $2300 oil changes 12 a year $600. Car Payments $4,400 yearly! Extra Insurance $1200. And the big Kicker I just dumped $3000 in all struts, ball Joints, all hard ware, then wheel bearings also front end, aliments. Thats not engine work or when the transmission goes out either! =$12,400 HUM This comes out of my salary! I work to fix a car! I love my country route, but I am not going into Debt! FYI, Postal Service Buy us RHD, OR give us gas money and you pay for all repairs on our cars! Those LLV won't do any good on dirts roads in the snow in Colorado! If your building New Postal trucks, make sure they get thru the snow! LOL! I don't know rather to cry or laugh! EMA $13, 920 Yearly $58 EMA. I fill up 3 times a week $80. $240 weekly $12,480 Left over $1,440!!!!! EMA I spent in car repairs this year $12,400 out of my salary NEGATIVE $10, 960. NOW I AM CRYING! How is this FAIR!~~~

    Jul 11, 2022
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