• anon

    73 mile pov route in clyde ny. I'm currently delivering 100 to 200 packages a day, many of them huge and heavy. I drive a 2009 Honda CRV, straddle the center, and have to make 2 (sometimes 3) trips a day. Now, I'd like to be able to submit a few customers for rural reach, but I'd need a gosh darn bus to pick up all those extra packages. HELLO!! If the postal service wants the extra package business, it needs to accommodate the rising package volume by supplying BIG vehicles to carriers. Every time I make an additional trip it's 4.2 more miles in EMA, 20 minutes loading time, and a struggle for me to get back to my delivery unit by 5 pm. Lunch break? What's that? Bathroom break? What's that? Dear OIG, please send me a BIG truck to use. Thanks. LAURA

    Jul 01, 2022
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