• anon

    Some regular rural carriers may actually like having a POV, most of the RCA's I worked with did not. Expecting RCA's to provide a vehicle when they may only work a day or 2 a week defeats the purpose of working. You cannot get ahead. Your vehicle will be in the shop so often and the rising gas prices speaks for itself. And alot of them literally drive junks. You would think the USPS would like to represent themselves better. Not to mention how unsafe it is!! I know management tells us to sit on the passengers side or on the console. How unsafe is that?? What happens if the airbag is deployed? They don't care about the carriers safety at all or this wouldn't be a thing. It's unbelievable actually. Amazon provides nice vehicles for their employees. RCA"S deliver Amazon and cannot even fit half of them in their POV. And as some other people have said, it is hard on your body also. I am NOT surprised the turnover rate of RCA's is so high. I'm surprised it's not higher.

    Jun 08, 2022
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