• anon

    The new Metris van is a piece of junk. I have never seen a vehicle get stuck in the snow so easy. It acts like the front brakes are always engaged which causes the back to fishtail easily. Even with a small amount of snow driving off the edge of the blacktop to get to a mailbox can cause the vehicle to sway into the box when trying to leave. Then you can't get from the front of the vehicle to the back without getting out of the vehicle. This can be dangerous when in an area known for dogs. Would have been much smarter to have a path to the back so a package could be retrieved without leaving the vehicle, other delivery drivers have this. And the Metris causes shoulder pain compared to using my own vehicle. There is no way to position everything properly. And now USPS will not allow me to use my own vehicle even though the Metris causes shoulder pain and injury. Whoever thought these were a good idea did not do much research. And these vehicles are forever broken down and requiring maintenance. I do not believe that this is a cost savings for the post office considering the purchase and maintenance, but suppose someone who made the decision has to make it look like it was a good deal.

    May 10, 2022
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