• anon

    I am a regular carrier (RCA) but my 8.8 hr, 5 day a week route does not have a postal vehicle. The volume of packages are too large to carry in my GMC Envoy. I'm having to load packages and tubs of mail on top of my roof rack which is unsafe but I have no choice if I want to make the delivery in one trip and on time. Once the mail is on the roof rack, now I have to worry about protecting it from the weather and possible theft. It is very stressful situation and one that we should not be in while working for the largest employer in the USA. If I do not use the roof rack then I will be making 3-6 21 mile trips back to the office for another pickup. The little Mercedes vans are no better because they do not hold anymore then my GMC. We are a package driven company thus we need to start acting like one and not rely on smaller vehicles to deliver the large capacity of packages. And not rely on employees to furnish their own vehicle to deliver mail. Some people do not have the money to afford a decent size vehicle and if we get a used one then we run into is it reliable to handle the day to day grind of the USPS work. This policy is unjust and unfair and its another reason why people quit thus you lose thousands of dollars training these people just to have them quit. Its time to rethink your strategy and spend the money now because in the long run it will pay off. Reuse and rotate the LLVs to other areas once the new vehicles come in. But what I hear is that the LLVs are going to the bone yard. Not a good idea.

    Apr 19, 2022
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