• anon

    I have been delivering in a Metris for a year on a 26 mile, paved, 42k route. The front right tire wears smooth on the outside of the tire within 2,000 miles. I never had this happen on my pov. I believe experimentation on a different camber should be done! The headlight bulbs last for around 3,000 miles. I believe aftermarket LED bulbs should be tried (something that can handle the constant heat build up found in a delivery vehicle.) The brake pads wear out in about 3,000 miles. When I used lifetime pads on my pov, I could get 20,000 on a set (the trade off is faster rotor wear) The mailtray is too far from the drivers seat. All in all I like delivering in the Metris but I'm glad I don't have to pay for the maintenance! The turning radius is awesome, but rear wheel drive makes no sense in an area that receives regular snowfall.

    Apr 03, 2022
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