• anon

    I am a regular going on almost 5 years. The vehicle is the most stressful part about this job. My route, along with many other rural routes everywhere, have huge pot holes, the highway is broken up on the shoulders, which is where I’m at delivering to boxes! I can’t afford to buy a brand new vehicle just to tear up out there. Along with the commercial insurance we have to have on delivery vehicle, and everything else. I’ve got 2 vehicles that I have put a new motor and transmission in both, and now both need the computer. My delivery vehicle is my daily driver also, just whichever is running is the one I’ll drive. I’ve asked my postmaster to request for me a van on my route. I’m not sure if he did or not. But I welcome a van to 71670. I just currently went from a H route to a J route, I know I would feel a huge burden off of me, just knowing if something happens to my vehicle, I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to get another one to finish route in, that rarely ever is the case. Never have more than one of my vehicles going at the same time lol. Maybe one day, I will be able to get a brand new truck to use strictly for delivery, but at the moment I’m just not able to do that, financially. I don’t have a Rca on route because ppl can’t afford to have something with low miles in order to be dependable, the car payment that goes with that, and the insurance which is ridiculous, gas prices are sky high, and then wear and tear just by sometimes delivering the mail on these horrible roads, you can’t drive slow where you won’t feel the holes, i have gravel roads filled with the rub boards the whole way down em, and then we gotta come back up them. I love my career, but it gets overwhelming quite often with these issues. With me anyway:/.

    Mar 22, 2022
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