• anon

    Most carriers are all for USPS provided vehicles, provided they are the equivalent of what they are replacing. The vast majority of our carriers run 4x4 vehicles and in winter months (October to late April in many cases) these vehicles are equipped with 4 studded snow tires. Putting a rear wheel drive vehicle on many of these routes is impractical as well as very dangerous. Rural is the operative word here, unpaved roads often just mud for a month or two, ice covered in the winter and steeply crowned. Remember, we drive along the shoulder most of the time. Perhaps we as rural carriers need input on these decisions. We have been providing vehicles to service the routes since 1903. Do any of the people on the committee have this depth of experience? I am more than willing to provide guidance on the issue, I came out of the auto industry world and have delivered rural mail for 29 years.

    Mar 21, 2022
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