• anon

    Designed and manufactured USPS vehicles are now a must for routes to be successful. RHD Jeeps are totally inadequate for the task at hand. Inefficient, to expensive and way too small. Three trips a day to deliver a route in a Jeep. there is no other RHD alternative to purchase. RHD conversions are unsafe and destructive. While you can find an installer my local shops refuse to install conversions due to safety liability, and they have a very good point. With the weight and volume of packages being crushed in a private vehicle, crash is a danger. What would USPS liability be for a dead carrier?? With Staff shortages the demand to work 6 days a week leaves no time for vehicle maintenance and repair, they don't fix themselves! New hires leave due to the destruction of their own vehicles running rural routes. last 3 RCA left after their cars/van had two broken struts and a cracked oil pan. The Maintenance Allowance does not cover operating and owning your private vehicle which also is useless to you for personal use once you commit to delivering mail. I would never recommend a rural RCA position to anyone. The NGDV visually looks totally inadequate for many rural routes. it's too low to the ground, won't handle dirt, grave or snowy and icy rural roads with steap un plowed driveways.

    Mar 03, 2022
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