• anon

    I've been employed by the USPS for 15 years. I totally agree with the postal providing RHD vehicles. I'm not understanding the process of how the route is selected to be assigned Mercedes Metris RHD vans. My office has 2 routes mines which is a K and an Aux. The Mercedes Metris RHD van was assigned to the Aux route, which is only 2 hours and low volume of mail and pkgs. The carrier(s) can literally carry All mail with pkg in their arms to load a spacious van. Subs complain having to travel up to 20 miles to work this route that has no EMA, only to be reimbursed their gas for coming to work. The decision to assign the Mercedes Metris RHD van to the Aux does not benefit the data in their findings, which is needed to make an accurate decision. I'm trying to hold on to my job, but it is wearing on me with All the maintenance for 2 vehicles... HELP!!!

    Mar 01, 2022
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