• anon

    Providing vehicles v. POV... Is a must, especially if the postal service is trying to increase employment. Everyone do not have the money to buy and or maintenance a vehicle(s). Coming to work stress FREE v. being concern of a POV breaking down is a PLUS... The CARRIER will be able to offer the customer services that is expected, with a smile, which will include increase of health, increase of better relationship with management and co-workers, and also with FAMILY!! Providing the Mercedes Metris RHD or whatever RHD is decided upon, NEED to be implemented ASAP!!! Having a Stress Free work environment is not just a individual movement, but it's a "FORCE" BEING TOGETHER.... USPS may also need to look into supplying uniforms for rural carriers, it's a more professional look and it will also exemplify carriers as an USPS employee. FYI... Carriers will act according to how they feel...

    Mar 01, 2022
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