• anon

    I personally can’t imagine doing my 73 mile rural route without my AWD POV and the ability to choose my own winter tires. I get a lot of ice and snow on my gravel roads and some of them are shaded with trees on both sides and usually don’t thaw out until March. I’m more than happy with the EMA arrangement we have currently. I don’t think that the post office will save money deploying government vehicles to these remote routes, especially the Metris vans, because from what I understand the maintenance isn’t done in house so they will have to go back to Mercedes Benz every time they have an issue. These vans weren’t designed with remote rural roads in mind and I think it would be a mistake to keep deploying these. The safest vehicle for long rural routes are AWD or 4x4 SUVs with snow tires.

    Feb 16, 2022
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