• anon

    I have been a rural carrier for 15 years. I drove an LLV for two years on my previous route and the LLV was so much more efficient. I also had chains in the winter and was always able to deliver all my mail and packages. Also a big plus with the LLV is that if you break down or have to wait on service, you build O day time. I am currently on a POV route. For years I drove two old jeep cherokees and was always stressed--not knowing when I would break down-- not knowing if I would be able to finish the route --always having to call tow trucks (or my husband if he was home), and then not being able to find parts to fix them. Paid out way more than what I earned in EMA and I always felt penalized when I was broke down because I couldn't subtract that time--ended up with 9 and 10 hour days! I finally had to buy a new jeep wrangler and although I do not have the stress of breaking down, I do have the financial stress of payments and general maintenance.

    Feb 16, 2022
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