• anon

    I am a rural carrier in Florida. Route2 has a Metris van assigned to the route. Most of the route goes well, but there are some sugar sand roads where the Metris can get stuck. I drove it on my route (RT 1) once, and the only way to deliver it is at places where you know you will get stuck, you jump out, walk to the mailboxes and deliver. The Metris is not the answer for a truly rural route. We need AWD with good all terrain tires. I have a couple of old Jeep Cherokees that are factory RHD. It is difficult and expensive keeping them maintained, not to mention stressful. And you have to pay for your gas too. RCA's have a horrible time delivering from the middle, and having a vehicle that can get through dirt roads, mudholes etc. I have no RCA again because she can't provide a vehicle. I really love this job, but worrying about a vehicle is quite simply the most stressful part of this job. Bottom line is that the vehicle needs to conform to the requirements of the route. USPS tends to ignore that when acquiring vehicles for the rural side.

    Feb 14, 2022
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