• anon

    The postal service should do a better job of evaluating where they could receive the most benefit of placing a USPS vehicle versus a PV vehicle. Instead, they have just issued blanket statements of over 108 miles or under such such miles. Some rural routes are much tougher on a vehicle than others. I was assigned a Metris spring of 2021. First set of brakes went out at 5k miles. Next set of brakes & first set of tires wore out at 13k miles. I'm currently at 23k+ miles and brakes are starting to squeal plus a tire is wearing bad on 1 side. I estimate maybe another 2k to 3k miles before both will have to be replaced again. Then when it's time to service the Metris they have to tow it 2 hrs to the nearest facility. This also doesn't include wait time charged to the USPS on defrosting & tire problems on the route. The Metris will not go in inclement weather and it is a safery hazard during those times. The Metris is easy to deliver out of though. It is comfortable but the mail tray should be raised a couple inches. I can definitely see the benefits of placement on a lot of certain routes but I'm not sure they are going to hold up long term on rugged routes.

    Feb 13, 2022
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