• anon

    Hello, I am a regular rural carrier and have been for almost 20 years. I have been driving a private owned vehicle for about 21 years and have been through several vehicles because of the wear and tear. I had the experience of driving a postal vehicle for about 2 years. Loved the idea of driving until the cut in pay took effect because of the EMA and because I had no choice to choose high option because of I was shy of the 10-year mark. While driving a private owned vehicle my credit cards have took a big jump because of so many repairs in order to get the mail delivered. I would prefer to drive a postal owned vehicle because I would not have to worry about the repairs, and it is much safer because most of have to straddle to deliver and less painful. I feel that more rcas would stay to do the job if they didn't have to worry about supplying their own vehicles for wear and tear. There are however some carriers that cannot afford to take that $10000 or more pay cut after having got in debt to do the repairs. I recently just bought a van and had the conversion kit put in it and because of amazon that is not even big enough for my route. If I didn't get the package help, there would be several days I would have to make a second trip.

    Feb 12, 2022
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