• anon

    I have done both types of routes. The biggest issue with the POV is the lack of appropriate and affordable vehicles. I am on a very rural route with harsh winters and need a 4wd or AWD. Using a RHD converted Jeep grand Cherokee now but with the increase in amazon (4 years since last mail count) it is no longer large enough to handle the package volume without multiple trips which involve a minimum of 15 minutes drive time to go back to the office. Providing an AWD van or minivan with RHD would be great for my route. There would still be some days where weather prohibits delivery but not that many. The biggest reason to provide government vehicles in to aid in hiring and retention of new employees. Not many people can afford to buy a vehicle large enough and capable of delivering out the right hand side on $19/hour for 1-2 days a week. The EMA reimbursement only covers costs if you have almost no breakdowns or can do some of your own maintenance. Plus it is paid after the fact so it take quite some time to save enough for a more appropriate vehicle. The solution is simple, more GOV routes will equal more new hires and higher RCA retention. Provided the USPS actually gets vehicles that work in all climates. They may need some 4WD, some AWD and some can still be 2wd or front wheel drive. Common sense should be a guide here.

    Feb 10, 2022
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