• anon

    The USPS vehicles are INEFFICIENT for Rural Carriers. Private vehicles are also inefficient. Packages has made both of these means of transporting mail slower/unsafe . The amt of oversize parcels has increased to the point that OVER 50 % each and everyday they take up more space then reg mail. There are no shelves in mail trucks . Every parcel has to be handled or "touched" min of 5x a day or MORE before delivery because they have to be constantly moved from on top of the mail and constantly have to be looked at so one doesnt get left behind. There is no way to train a new carrier in a consistent manner. Day to day the volume changes and new ways are being tried all the time to be more efficient . It gets VERT TIRING moving/sorting/moving parcels all the time and parcels are coming in more and more damaged . There is no communication between the processing plant and individual offices. There is no way possible to maintain any kind of time management ea day because the parcels have increased and 2 and 3 trips are being done daily and traffic is heavier as the day gets later. Animals has also really been an issue. When parcels are placed on porches the dogs are going nuts and jumping/tearing up doors. They are opening doors and running out of the house and chasing carriers. The other main issue is weather. Mail trucks get stuck in tiny amts snow and small inclines are impossible to even go up them without having to be physically pushed. The gas alone , burns up a tank a day rfrom getting stuck. It is also IMPOSSIBLE to even see out when the interior light is on .

    Feb 09, 2022
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