• anon

    I’ve been on both, trying to keep vehicles running on a pov route is a endless task , let alone finding one big enough and affordable to do the job, that being said, a Gov vehichle would be great if they actually came up with one to do the job properly all year long , parts of the country do get snow and need all wheel or 4 wheel drive! I have a metris assigned to my route that I can’t even use because of the weather , now that’s some smart government thinking … I really don’t know who sits and thinks of putting us in these vehicles , they should be fired!!!!They preach safety first , that’s a joke , we can’t even get a decent vehicle to do our jobs in!!! Someone needs to wake up!!! I’m sure most rural Carriers would be happy to have a gov vehicle if it actually suited all out needs !!! Rear wheel drive to deliver in when you live in Northern Indiana is not a option, do these clowns think we drive around all day on clean roads , boxes that are cleared , and beautiful driveways?? We do not , maybe the clowns that come up with brilliant ideas take a metris out on a rural route either during or after a snow storm..

    Feb 09, 2022
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