• anon

    "For instance, maximum savings weren’t realized because USPS wasn’t implementing conversions in a timely manner, and we determined that some of the future conversions wouldn’t be the most cost-effective. We made a couple recommendations to improve the process, and Postal Service management agreed with both." Really??? Remove the execution of implementation from Postal Managers. Use an outside organization whose primary job is to implement the job in a cost effective manner with a deadline that is strictly enforced. Get rid of managers who stall in order to not do a "job." As a rural carrier, purchasing a Mercedes Benz to deliver mail out of in is insane. Whatever the fallout with Grumman was, efforts should be made to reestablish communications with them for a modified LLV. These vehicles are work horses and with a few safety modifications and OSHA upgrades (ie walk in cargo area, etc) these vehicles are the SAFEST AND EASIEST OF ALL CURRENT POSTAL VEHICLES TO PERFORM CURBSIDE DELIVERY!! UPSP - Wake up and smell the coffee!! You're sitting on a gold mine and don't even realize it! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME IN THIS MATTER.

    Feb 09, 2022
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