• anon

    I’ve been delivering by POV for 28 years and prefer to keep it that way. My route is 104 miles, very rural with large hills and gravel roads. We are over an hour away from any large city and don’t have a gas station in the town my office is in. For these reasons I feel a GOV vehicle is impractical. There is no dealership to service one, no gas station to fill it up and no place to park it when not in use. The rear wheel drive nightmares which have been issued to some carriers would never get the job done except on dry summer days without snow and mud. During times of breakdown it would take several hours to deliver a replacement vehicle while I’m waiting along the road for rescue. My POV is maintained to ensure I’m able to work and I know what work has been done unlike a GOV vehicle that floats from place to place with no record to the next driver on maintenance or reliability. This in my opinion is a disaster waiting to happen. The new vans from what I’m told are not reliable and are broke more than in use. If the GOV vehicles are breaking down at record speed what will we deliver in? I’m not keeping a POV as a spare for the Postal Service. If I’m issued a GOV vehicle I will no longer supply my own and it will be someone else’s problem to get me a replacement in times of need.

    Feb 08, 2022
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