• anon

    Living in a rural area I understand the meaning of back country roads. In the summer we are visited by many from urban settings. A good amount of these "folk" won't drive their vehicles on the back roads or if they do, they are off to the nearest hose or car wash, which by the way can be 20 miles away, to clean them. They are also certain that driving on these roads, even at the snail pace they do, has inflicted great damage on their vehicles. So, when you award a contract to us "local folk" and provide us with a budget line item to use our own vehicles, great care will be taken to ensure that no matter the road conditions, winter, spring, summer or fall, we will maintain them as they are our livelihood. Give us a bright shiny new USPS vehicle, which by the way costs you at least twice, if not three times the amount of what we need to operate the route in our own vehicle, is not practical. This is not to say we will drive faster or fail to recognize the warning lights on the dashboard, or really run it through the ditches of mud season, or run it into a snow bank, it just means it is not ours, it is not our livelihood, if it breaks or needs repair you will supply us with another. Rural Route Carriers have not chosen this profession to masse great amounts of money. They do it to make a living and serve their local communities. People they know, people they recognize, they keep their eyes out for the elderly and the young and because of their day to day jobs, they spot when something is awry and can either lend a hand or call the police. USPS needs to make better decisions. As I read the Inspector General Reports I can not help but to think whether those making some of these calls have really thought this through. Many contracting officers rather than admit an error stand on pride. We can all do better and a good place to start is with honesty and the ability to admit our failures.

    Feb 08, 2022
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